Fuel tank cap oldskool

Our fuel tank cap “Oldskool” is the first of a series of SteSil Bike’s products designed and created specifically for Custom Café Racers.
We wanted to develop a reliable, high quality cap that could embody a beautiful vintage design as well as the solidness and precision of modern days CNC machined parts.
An anchorage disk is included in the kit and it’s meant to be welded to the fuel tank in order to properly support the whole structure of the cap.

Technical specifications

Surface treatments available: ANODIZING [natural or colored], POLISHING, MIRROR POLISHING, SHOT PEENING
External dimensions:
Ø92mm, H 53mm, L 106.5mm
Superior crown: Ø66mm, H 15mm
Protruding lower pipe: Ø38mm (external diameter), Ø34.15mm (internal diameter), H 17mm
Material: ANTICORODAL 6082 T6
Anchorage disk:
Ø80mm (external diameter), Ø45mm (internal diameter),THK 5mm, 6x ISO M4 screw threads

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